Virtual Reality for Children with Special Needs

As a new form of experience and action-oriented learning, Virtual Reality (VR) is finding its way into classrooms. In the past, research at Swiss elementary schools has shown that VR could have a promising application there. With the expansion of Curriculum 21 for children with complex disabilities, there is a didactic basis for schools for children with special needs since 2019. This provides an opportunity to investigate the use of VR in the context of such a school. The goal of this paper is to develop and implement a VR learning unit for children with complex disabilities. This is to demonstrate whether a positive impact can be observed and the use of this technology should be pursued in this context.

Download Prototype for HTC Vive

Feldexperimente zum Thema Wirksamkeit von VR-Lerneinheiten auf die Lernzielerreichung

Für die Lerneinheit „Mikroplastik“ und „So klein – so gross“ wurden zwei Feldexperimente zur Messung der Wirksamkeit von VR-Lerneinheiten auf die Lernzielerreichung durchgeführt. Beide Feldexperimente konnten keine eindeutige Korrelation feststellen. Es konnten jedoch interessante weitere Wahrnehmungen festgehalten werden.

Die zwei Arbeiten finden sich unter den folgenden zwei Links: